Stranger Things Season 2 reveals cast photo, officially begins production

Cold take: STRANGER THINGS is amazing. It has charming leads (both children and adult), with tantalizing mysteries and the ability to be funny, scary, emotional, and everything in-between. Also, unlike something like SUPER 8, it was able to take the feeling of an Spielberg-ian adventure, without actually aping one. It is definitely its own thing, taking inspiration from those Amblin-type films, while creating something definitely modern and unique. Also, if you're a D&D nerd like me, that added knowledge makes the show extra awesome.

Anyway, production has officially begun, and the studio just release a new photo of the returning cast (including the previously announced Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven):

Clever. It's Upside Down because of the Upside Down. Cool.

Anyway, like everyone else who's seen the show, I can't f*cking wait for next season. There are so many loose threads that need tying, so here's hoping that the series has an end game planned so that it can have a satisfying conclusion (and not spin its wheels like the similar LOST).

Season 2 of STRANGER THINGS will begin streaming on Netflix next year, presumably sometime in the summer. 

Extra Tidbit: When Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) kissed Finn Wolfhard (Mike) on screen, it was her actual, real life first kiss.
Source: Twitter



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