Teaser and poster promise all things come to an end in the final episodes of Breaking Bad

BREAKING BAD is ending, we all know this. There are eight episodes left and the saga of Walter White will come to an end. Theories have abounded for years that Bryan Cranston's iconic television role would end badly and events from the first half of this season seem to confirm that he is headed down some roads you cannot come back from. It will be a fascinating eight hours to conclude what will go down as one of the best dramatic series of all time.

With just about two months until the episodes begin airing, AMC has finally rolled out a brief teaser and new poster for the end of BREAKING BAD and they are remarkably bleak and yet give no true idea of what is to come. Just using the simple smoky motif from the opening credits and the promise that "All bad things come to an end", these marketing tools have ramped up my anticipation for the end of BREAKING BAD.

AMC will begin releasing more and more previews of the final episodes soon but this is a great first step to tease what is coming. I am excited. Are you. bitch?

The final BREAKING BAD episodes begin airing August 11th on AMC.



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