UPDATED! The Avengers are assembling in these sweet painted promo posters

If you didn't make it out to Comic Con, you're missing a chance to grab one of these nifty advance posters for next summer's Marvel superhero gathering THE AVENGERS. But at least you can eyeball them on your computer monitor. Even cooler -- when the Hulk and Thor are revealed, all the posters will assemble one big seamless banner image. Quinjet!

UPDATED with Thor and Nick Fury with SHIELD agents! Plus a look at the almost-complete banner, which is just missing one green Banner.

UPDATED AGAIN with Hulk (and Ruffalo profile) and the assembed image!

Per Marvel: "As the Co-Visual Development Supervisors for Marvel Studios, Ryan Meinerding and Charlie Wen help to bring your favorite heroes from the printed page onto the silver screen. Working with the producers and filmmakers, Meinerding and Wen have developed the big screen looks of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and more, ensuring that when the iconic characters make the leap into your local theater, they do so in style."

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of Hawkeye's outfit? I'm digging it, although I did figure he'd have some Ultimates-version firearms as well.
Source: Marvel



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