The Avengers assemble in eight new awesome character posters

Usually character posters are one of the more annoyinng trends in movies, as they feature subcharacters no one really gives two shits about on a hastily photoshopped background. But when it's THE AVENGERS? I think we're going to be OK with giving each hero their due.

There's a brand new series of eight character posters from the upcoming film featuring all the major players. Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Bruce Banner, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Loki all get their own posters, and you can see them all below.

Most look the same from their respective films, but CapAm and Thor have had a bit of work done on their costumes as we've seen in other shots. The selection is mostly free of photoshop disaster, though I barely recognized Mark Ruffalo in his image on first glance.

Check them all out below, and see them bigger over at the Pimpin Poster Palace.

Extra Tidbit: How the hell are you going to block out ScarJo's boob? Blasphemy.



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