The Conners are back in first trailer for Roseanne revival

Whether it’s a critically acclaimed cop drama or an iconic, beloved sitcom networks are digging through their attic to find any kind of old show they can bring back to life. The latest revival is the classic sitcom ROSEANNE starring Roseanne Barr and John Goodman as the heads of the Conner family. The show’s first trailer dropped and has the whole family returning, including Oscar nominee Laurie Metcalf. The family may look a bit different, but the trailer proves they have the same ol’ charm and knack for ridiculousness. No way anyone can eat that much cake!

Anyone who was a fan of the original show should get a warm sensation running through their body when they watch the preview. The show was a huge hit for nine seasons and remains so in syndication, and surely millions have been dying to know what the family has been up to for 20 years. If you don't remember the show that well, just know John Goodman is in it because that's enough.

The show will return on ABC for a 9-episode tenth season on March 27.

Source: ABC



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