Coraline's Henry Selick has a new home for his project The Shadow King!

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Henry Selick is finally catching a break. After Disney cancelled the project and all hope seemed lost, Deadline is now reporting that work on Henry Selick's THE SHADOW KING is going forward. Selick will be teaming up with producer Josh Penn and K5 International.

The film has already partially been in progress due to the work done before Disney cancelled it. Written and directed by Henry Selick, THE SHADOW KING is "a deliciously magical tale about nine-year-old New York orphan Hap who hides his fantastically weird hands with long fingers from a cruel world. But when a living shadow girl teaches him to make amazing hand shadows that come to life, his hands become incredible weapons in a shadow war against a ravenous monster bent on killing Hap’s brother Richard and ultimately destroying New York."

K5's co-founders Oliver Simon and Daniiel Baur had this to say about the project:

“We immediately realized that THE SHADOW KING is a fantastic and exciting prospect that needed to find the support. To offer our help to Henry’s brilliance as a storyteller is an absolute pleasure for us."

I've always been a fan of stop motion, as I know many of you are. The hundreds of hours it may take for just five minutes of footage sounds insane, but that's part of why we love it. We appreciate the dedication and hard work. You can see how a figure has been lovingly sculpted or how technically difficult it was for the filmmakers to pull off a certain shot. It's too bad that stop motion animated films generally aren't huge hits, but that's what makes them special. Some may look at it as a dated form of animation, but there is an audience for stop-motion and we are just as passionate for that style as the people who create the films.

K5 International and Henry Selick will be at the European Film Market in Berlin to show exclusive clips of THE SHADOW KING in hopes of securing a buyer.

Extra Tidbit: In my high school years I often wished for a Johnny the Homicidal Maniac movie done in stop motion. Since stop motion films mostly struggle in theaters, could we ever see an R rated film? What other books or graphic novels would work well with stop motion?
Source: Deadline



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