The new trailer for The Host looks like Twilight with aliens, guns, and Diane Kruger

Forgive me if I have a bias against the TWILIGHT series, but I have tried reading the books and watching the movies and cannot bring myself to get past the weak source material. Even if she has a penchant for coming up with interesting stories, Stephanie Meyer is not a very good writer. So, I didn't pay much attention to THE HOST when the trailers began popping up until I heard that Andrew Niccol (GATTACA, IN TIME) was directing.

Well, we now have the fifth and final trailer for THE HOST and from the first minute it plays up the connections to the TWILIGHT series before looking like a halfway decent science fiction/action movie. Sure, the romantic aspect of the plot is played up to appeal to TWILIGHT and HUNGER GAMES fans, but the movie doesn't look as god awful as Meyer's previous franchise. I say franchise because the trailer touts THE HOST as the start of a "new saga" despite there only being one novel (Meyer has hinted at a potential trilogy to be continued in THE SOUL and THE SEEKER).

Check out the trailer below:

Diane Kruger brings an element of class to the project, but it remains to be seen if this is going to be another forgettable TWILIGHT RIP-OFF or the next HUNGER GAMES. If you want more, there is a live Q&A going on via Google Hangout today at 4pm EST. The embed is below if you want to check out the cast answering hard hitting questions about their celebrity crushes.

THE HOST starring Saoirse Ronan, Jake Abel, Boyd Holbrook, and Diane Kruger opens this Friday, March 29th.

Source: YouTube



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