The Predator teaser to show at CinemaCon before dropping next month

Anyone who is excited about Shane Black’s THE PREDATOR was probably as happy as a little girl to find out that a teaser for the movie would finally be arriving sometime this month. We’re finally going to see some jungle action and the alien and the claws and then – what? – oh, there's been a mistake? Ah, I see. Well, it turns out, you may just wait a tiny bit longer for that glorious footage.

After news dropped last week that the first teaser would be set for the middle of this month Black took to Twitter yesterday to say that the teaser is actually meant for attendees of this year’s CinemaCon. However, Black says we will get the teaser a few weeks later in May. But that's, like, forever from now!

News around the first footage has been coming out along with a few updates on the progress of the film, including recent news the movie was being converted to 3D. As well, the movie was bumped back a whole month from August 3 to September 14, possibly to accommodate that 3D change. Or it’s trying to avoid the mighty power of the upcoming megahit, THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME with Mila Kunis.

Unlike Comic-Con, CinemaCon is meant only for journalists and people in the biz, so there’s not much of a chance of someone leaking any footage from their phones. We here at JoBlo will be on-hand at CinemaCon, like last year, so chances are we will be able to give you our thoughts on any footage should it be shown.

Mid-April, early-mid-May; not that big of a difference. We’ve waited this long for footage so what’s a few more weeks, right? Black it a top-notch filmmaker so there’s no reason to doubt he’s done a great job on the flick, and surely any footage we’re waiting for will be quite epic. Also, you don't need to rent INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY. Just...rent something else. 

THE PREDATOR will arrive September 14.

Source: Shane Black



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