The Purge 3 will provide more government-sanctioned murder on July 1, 2016

the purge

It looks like THE PURGE won't be an annual event after all. The original film was released in 2013 and its sequel in 2014. Now another sequel is on its way and Universal has set the third installment of the franchise for a 2016 release. I was very let down by the first movie; the cool premise wasn’t utilized well enough and the plot holes were deep. THE PURGE: ANARCHY was better executed on almost every front and made for a more enjoyable experience, as disturbing as that might sound. They both made a lot of money though:

the purge box office

If you're not familiar, each film has taken place over one night in a future where crime in American is legal. They do this to cleanse society, so they say. In reality, it is used as a method of population control, as the poorer and homeless people unwillingly become the main targets. We don't have any plot details yet but James DeMonaco, the writer and director of the first two films will return to write and is being eyed to direct again. I will go see this movie on one condition; that Michael K. Williams returns and hurts a lot of bad people.

The untitled Purge sequel will arrive July 1, 2016 going up against TARZAN from Warner Bros. and Steven Spielberg’s THE BFG.

Source: Variety



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