Return to Neibolt Street in these new images from the It remake

Many people have that memory from childhood of the house on the street that no one goes near. It could be because there’s an old man living in it who shouts obscenities at passersby, because the residents give out terrible candy on Halloween, or because it looks like eight people were [email protected] murdered there.

That last one was clearly the inspiration for the design of the house at 29 Neibolt Street for upcoming IT remake. Dilapidated, terrifying and possibly home to hundreds of raccoons, the house is certainly one no sane person would spend any time near.

Birth.Movies.Death got ahold of the images below!

And of course, no shady house is complete without an equally shady old car in front of it.

Though reception to the full-sized image of Pennywise has gotten some mixed reception, I am in the camp that thinks all the production images for this movie have been suitably terrifying. Everything may look drastically different from the Tim Curry version, but what’s the point of a remake if it’s not going to be a little different? The house is scary and the clown looks evil as shit. So far, I'd say Andy Muschietti and Co. are accomplishing their mission to give us all nightmares.



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