The trailer for Breaking the Girls is like Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train but with bras and panties

I had you at bras and panties, didn't I? BREAKING THE GIRLS is the latest film from director Jamie Babbit who also directed the cult classic BUT I'M A CHEERLEADER. BREAKING THE GIRLS doesn't seem to have much of a black comedy feel to it and instead takes the old criss cross plot device from STRANGERS ON A TRAIN and adds a sapphic twist.

Madeline Zima (the little girl from THE NANNY and THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE) is sure to show some major skin in this movie as she has been apt to do recently on Showtime's CALIFORNICATION. Agnes Brucker co-stars in this movie that looks like a soft-core diversion for these hot summer nights.

Inspired by Patricia Highsmith's STANGERS ON A TRAIN, GIRLS gives substance to the homoerotic undertones of the famous tale and relocates Los Angeles. Stars Agnes Bruckner (Lifetime's ANNA NICOLE) and Madeline Zima (Californication) transform into two women whose intense chance meeting leads to a bloody tangle of scheming and murder.

I am by no means saying this looks like a great movie, but it does look like a nice little thriller. Zima and Bruckner are hot and who am I to turn away some well-filmed lesbian sex scenes? The movie will be premiering at the upcoming OutFest this weekend and will have a theatrical release on July 26th followed by a premiere on multiple on demand formats.

Extra Tidbit: At least they are better looking than Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito in THROW MOMMA FROM THE TRAIN...
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