Third Annabelle movie in the works with Gary Dauberman to direct

Believe it or not, but THE CONJURING franchise has grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide over the course of four films, which is pretty damn impressive, especially when you consider that the combined budget of those four films is under $100 million. Several more films in THE CONJURING franchise are in various stages of development, and THR reports that we can add one more to the list. Hope you're ready for more freaky dolls.

The outlet reports that Gary Dauberman is set to make his directorial debut on the third ANNABELLE film, a spin-off featuring the creepy doll which appeared in the first CONJURING movie. Dauberman wrote the first ANNABELLE movie as well as ANNABELLE: CREATION, and THR says that he will also write the third film as well. Details are being kept secret, but the story will "once again focus on the porcelain doll that is possessed by a demonic force." Duh. In addition to serving as the writer of the ANNABELLE series, Gary Dauberman also penned the script for Corin Hardy's THE NUN, another CONJURING spin-off which will hit theaters on September 7, 2018. As for ANNABELLE 3, New Line Cinema has already slated the film for a July 3, 2019 release. There's also THE CONJURING 3 in development as well as another spin-off which will be centered around The Crooked Man from THE CONJURING 2. It's the little horror franchise that could.

ANNABELLE 3 isn't the only horror-related project which Gary Dauberman is developing, as he's also working on IT: CHAPTER TWO as well as writing and producing a big-screen adaptation of ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK for Paramount.

Source: THR



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