Tim Blake Nelson cast in the directorial efforts of both James Franco and Tommy Lee Jones


Tim Blake Nelson is one of those "Hey it's that guy" actors. You take a look at his face and you think, "There's probably ten films I can list with him in it, and another ten I'd completely forget." These actors are a bit older, slightly unique looking, and normally get supporting roles. Steve Buscemi, Paul Giamatti, and Philip Seymour Hoffman definitely fall into that group. Normally these guys don't become A-listers, but end up having very solid careers, primarily because of the respect they earn from their peers.

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive that Tim Blake Nelson has been cast in not one, but TWO films directed by actors. First up is BUKOWSKI, which is being written and directed by the very busy James Franco, which follows writer Charles Bukowski's early childhood and high school years. Nelson will be playing Charles' abusive father, Henry.

Tommy Lee Jones took some time off from being grumpy to help co-write the script for his new directing duties, THE HOMESMAN, a period piece about "an untrustworthy man and a spinster school teacher team up to transport three woman deemed crazy via ox-drawn wagon across the Western plains." Nelson will be playing a man that lusts for one of the three women and tries to kidnap her. That film has already cast Meryl Streep and Hilary Swank in unspecified roles.


Extra Tidbit: I am a big James Franco fan, but sometimes I think he's stretching himself too thin. He seems to have a thousand projects going on at once. So when I hear comments about Franco "mailing it in" for a part, I wonder how much of it is he just doesn't have the passion for those certain films (OZ perhaps?) and how much is exhaustion.



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