Trailer for DC's Injustice 2 reveals Dr. Fate as playable character

I've always been more of a DC guy than a Marvel guy, even if in actuality they are both awesome and have their own merits. I just can't help my basic human tribalism, as I grew up with SUPERFRIENDS reruns that'd play late at night after SPACE GHOST: COAST TO COAST, then later getting into BATMAN: TAS, and JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED after that.

So I can't help but be jealous as the MCU wipes the floor with the DCEU, just like how MARVEL VS. STREET FIGHTER (and later MARVEL VS. CAPCOM) was leagues ahead of MORTAL KOMBAT VS. DC UNIVERSE. However, that all sort of changed when the awesome INJUSTICE came out, which showed that the DC Universe indeed knew how to throw down (as long as you learned the right button combinations).

So to say I'm excited for INJUSTICE 2 is an understatement. And now we got confirmation of a new playable character: DR. FATE! Let's see this mofo in action:

While Dr. Fate might look like a Doctor Strange knock-off (replete with sporadic hand gestures, glowing magical runes, and even having "Doctor" in his name), Dr. Fate actually predates Strange by over twenty years.

Either way, INJUSTICE 2 will punch more people into magical dimensions on PS4 and X-Box One May 16th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: One of Superman's weakness - besides Kryptonite - is magic, so Dr. Fate should've been whomping on him in that playthrough (then again, Batman survives Superman punching him through space, so...)
Source: YouTube



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