Transformers' NASCAR robot will have a metal mullet

The Skids and Mudflap disaster of REVENGE OF THE FALLEN is one that has still burned a crater in my mind to this day. Who would have thought that making two robots talk like Kat Williams, have gold teeth and say that they can’t read would be a terrible, terrible idea?

Well if you think Michael Bay has learned his lesson about racial robot stereotyping, you’re wrong. ToplessRobot recently got a look at some of the upcoming toys for DARK OF THE MOON, and yes, that is a robot with a mullet.

We’ve known that NASCAR Transformers would be in the film, but I guess it was too much to hope that they wouldn’t be lumbering metal stereotypes to boot. From what I can tell, “Topspin” has a mullet, some wicked shades and a serious overbite. Thankfully he’s not voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, but at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised.

So if you thought TRANSFORMERS was going to clean up its act for its final installment, you clearly have underestimated Michael Bay and his creative team. But hey, it’s making fun of poor, uneducated white people this time, so it’s OK!

Extra Tidbit: The CEO of Hasbro is hinting that the series will live on post-Bay. Sigh.
Source: ToplessRobot



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