Two clips from Attack the Block but should you watch them?

Two clips from SXSW smash ATTACK THE BLOCK are now online but the real question is whether you should actually watch them. I'll readily admit that part of the fun and success of the midnight screenings in Austin was that no one in the audience knew what to expect (read my review here). There are so many great surprises throughout the film, it seems almost criminal to watch anymore about the film than you need to. There's nothing overtly spoilerish about either of the clips yet I watched them thinking, "I wouldn't have wanted to see that..."

These clips snuck online as part of a longer BBC feature on writer/director Joe Cornish and they've been edited out and are now available for your viewing pleasure, should you not be worried about spoilers. My advice? If you plan on seeing ATTACK THE BLOCK no matter what, avoid these and any further clips from the film. If you're on the fence about the film and want to know a little bit more about what to expect, then go ahead and watch.

Source: JoBlo.com



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