Watch David Harbour dance with penguins for charity

No, this is not a promotion for a third HAPPY FEET animated film.

Back in January, HELLBOY and STRANGER THINGS actor David Harbour had asked Greenpeace, the non-governmental environmental organization, how many retweets it would take to "hone the Hopper dance" while in the company of a waddle of penguins. So of course, because the internet loves David Harbour - and his infamous Dad bod - the tweet went viral, and now the soft-shoed actor is here to fulfill his promise to shake a tail-feather while grooving among an inumerable amount of emperor penguins.

You can check out the video of Harbour boogieing down with the penguins below, and marvel as he brings the Hopper Dance to the Antarctic:

The purpose of David getting jiggy with the penguins is to raise awareness for an online petition which can be found at ProtectTheAntartic.org. As per the petition, Greenpeace is looking to gain support to establish the largest protected area in the world.

Before catching a case of Saturday Night Fever with the penguins, Harbour posted another video entitled "Stagefright," in which he admitted “I thought this was gonna be like a silly thing, and I thought I was just gonna dance with penguins,” he said in relation to the trip. “It’s turned into kind of another thing, about protecting the Antarctic waters, this huge conservation movement that’s going on.”

You can check out the video for that post here:

Now, while that last bit may come off as reluctance on Harbour's part, I feel it's important to point out that he did make good on his promise, and that his participation has undoubtedly drawn some much-needed attention to the cause. So with both of those things in mind,  I'd like to offer a tip of my hat to Mr. Harbour on behalf of JoBlo. Penguins need love too, you know?

While it will be some time before we see any promotional materials for STRANGER THINGS Season 3, David Harbour will appear as Hellboy in Neil Marshall's re-imagining of the Dark Horse Comics hero, which is scheduled for a January 11, 2019 release.

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