What's going on in this new mysterious teaser from J.J. Abrams?

Time to play "Guess the Project"! We don't play this a lot but it's not a surprise that we have to since it involves J.J. Abrams.

This one just hit me like a brick because I can't pin point the actor or the voice. Even when I do get an idea on the narrator, I start second guessing myself. Is it Leonard Nimoy? It kind of sounds like him. The actor at the :49 mark is driving me insane because I see him talking in my head but can't think of the damn movie! I wanted to try to wait til I figured it out, however, I gotta get this to you guys first. If I think of it, then I'll just come back and throw it into the tidbit unless one of you thinks of him first.

The teaser is titled "Stranger" and I'm thinking it's probably for a television project. The content of the narration is rather cryptic. I'd don't think it's for anything comic, STAR TREK, or LOST related though I await getting comments for any of the three.

Check it out below.

Extra Tidbit: Update on Guesses for narrator: Christopher Plummer? Albert Finney? Update on Guesses for actor: William Atherton?! AHHHH! Thank you, PhuckinTom! I feel like Peter after they finally got to "and then there's Maude".
Source: EW



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