Will Russell Crowe help get The Dark Tower to the big screen?

THE DARK TOWER deserves better treatment than what its received. Personally, I feel that the project should just go straight to HBO or perhaps AMC (sorry, Dish customers). But there's this debacle on what should be done with it, or if it should even see the light of day.

Apparently, Warner Bros. are deciding on what they should do with THE DARK TOWER. In two weeks, the studio will decide on whether or not they will greenlight the first part of the amazing Stephen King story. Not only will Akiva Goldsman's new script be a decider, so will the possibility of getting Russell Crowe to star as Roland Deschain. The whole thing is supposed to unfold as, "possibly with HBO handling the TV component that would bridge the the first and second feature films, with another limited run TV series to follow." Javier Bardem was once attached as Deschain, but I guess that fell through.

It should be said that the talks with Crowe are merely talks. No decision has been made. They are hoping that by attaching his name it will help their cause.

I guess in two weeks we will have a decision.

Also, there's talk of remaking JUMANJI? No other details on that. It was simply thrown into the end of the article to tie into Warner Bros. need to make these grand projects.

Source: Deadline



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