Will The Dark Tower ever get a break? Warner Bros. passes on the project

Man, THE DARK TOWER cannot catch a break when it comes to the studios. First, Universal passes, and now their only possible saving grace, Warner Brothers has moved on as well.

Over the weekend, Warner Bros. took a look at the package and decided it wasn't for them. There were no further details as the studio declined to comment on the issue. I was really hoping that they would get the film going, and that the possibility of Russell Crowe joining as Roland Deschain would help the case. I guess not even Russell Crowe can get a project going. The material is great, and one has to wonder if the budget or massive scope of the project is making studios a little leery about getting involved.

But there does seem to be a silver lining in the cloud (though we shouldn't count our chickens just yet). Media Rights Capital is in serious talks to financially back THE DARK TOWER. Co-Chairman and CEO, Modi Wiczyk is apparently a huge fan of King's story. They are eager to get behind the project, and hopefully do for it what they did for TED. They are also behind Neill Blomkamp's ELYSIUM.

Usually, Universal distributes MRC backed projects, but since they passed the first time does this mean that they will hop on again? I guess we will have to wait and see what develops.

Source: THRDeadline



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