Will The X-Files return for a third movie or will we get a reboot on TV instead?

THE X-FILES is one of my all time favorite series. I think I was one of the six or seven people who saw the second film in theaters. To this day I still rewatch old episodes and marvel at how great that show was. Being December 2012, the supposed date of the alien invasion from the series finale, I was holding out hope we would get some news about a third movie coming soon.

Alas, according to producer Frank Spotnitz, there is nothing new regarding another sequel. Despite both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny lobbying for another go at the Mulder and Scully mythos, Spotnitz says there is no deal and no screenplay for a new X-FILES movie. But, he does have a strong inclination the show will be rebooted sometime soon.

Spotnitz told Den of Geek that a reboot is inevitable: "I mean, I don’t think I would have anything to do with it but you know, for better or for worse, these things are titles of big corporations, like 'Star Trek' belongs to Paramount and 'The X-Files' belongs to Twentieth Century Fox and it’s a huge asset in their libraries so I can’t imagine they would let it sit languishing forever ... Anything could happen. I just hope that if they do it, they do it well, that’s my only request."

I may be wrong, but isn't FRINGE essentially a reboot of THE X-FILES? FBI agent investigating the paranormal and slowly gets drawn into a conspiracy that spans beyond our government? Yeah, no need to reboot a great series like THE X-FILES. If they did, the only way I could see it working would be to have two new agents pick up where Mulder and Scully left off, leaving room for the original stars to make appearances. More of a sequel series than a reboot.

Whichever way this ends up going, I will always have my awesome collection of autographs from the cast and crew as well as my Gillian Anderson in blue catsuit poster. Ah, memories.

Extra Tidbit: I went to the X-FILES convention in Chicago in 1998. I got to meet Mitch Pileggi (Skinner) whose wife was about to give birth. He was using a yo-yo for stress relief. I got him a new one when his broke and painted it with the show logo in bright yellow. You can see him using it in a behind the scenes video from the sixth season. My claim to geek fame!
Source: Den of Geek



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