Wolverine: The Long Night podcast getting a second season for 2019

The cinematic future of Wolverine/Logan may be a bit uncertain after Hugh Jackman ended his tenure as the character last year in LOGAN, but the character is going strong in the podcast arena. Now that the 10-episode scripted podcast – WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT – has debuted and is approaching its finale, Marvel Entertainment and Stitcher have confirmed (via THR) a second season is in the works and is set to unsheath its claws in winter 2019.

Titled WOLVERINE: THE LOST TRAIL, the second season will shift locations from LONG NIGHT’s Alaskan terrain to the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, as Logan searches the deep South to uncover the mystery surrounding a former flame’s disappearance.  The new season will feature a new batch of characters for Logan to encounter with Richard Armitage (THE HOBBIT series) returning to voice the lead character. Among the new characters are Jason Wyngarde and Remy LeBeau, who some die-hard comic book fans may know better as Mastermind and Gambit (no, Channing Tatum will not be involved).

The same creative team behind LONG NIGHT will be returning for the second season, including writer Benjamin Percy, director Brendan Baker and sound designer Chloe Prasinos. New cast additions will include Bill Irwin, Blair Brown and Bill Heck voicing Gambit. Podcast platform Stitcher distributes the series, and chief content officer Chris Bannon put out a statement saying how the fan reception over the first season is what led to greenlighting a follow-up.

“Fans reacted so powerfully and positively to season one that we really had no choice — we had to keep the story and the characters alive (well, most of them) for another season. Fortunately, the outstanding creative team that made season one so memorable signed on right away! And I couldn't hope for a better cast of great voices, including Richard Armitage as Logan. Together, they're making a story Marvel fans will listen to over and over, I know.”

As well, Marvel and Stitcher put out a synopsis for the second season (via IndieWire):

“Marvel’s ‘Wolverine: The Lost Trail’ is an epic quest that takes place in the Louisiana bayou. Following the events of Marvel’s ‘Wolverine: The Long Night,’ Logan (Richard Armitage) returns to New Orleans in search of redemption, only to discover that his ex-lover, Maureen is nowhere to be found. And she’s not the only one. Dozens of humans and mutants have gone missing, including the mother of a teenage boy, Marcus Baptiste. With Weapon X in close pursuit, Logan and Marcus must team up and follow a trail of clues that leads them deep into the gothic heart of the bayou, where they encounter biker gangs, Cajun thieves and a world of wonders that defies explanation. It is here that they find Greenhaven — a backwater refuge run by a powerful mutant named Jason Wyngarde.”

The success of the WOLVERINE podcast proves Marvel's reach has extended into yet another medium, which may mean they could explore other ways to explore it. Who knows, this may mean we could get more podcasts centering on different characters. much the old radio serials from back in the day. Who wouldn't want to hear the verbal flourishes of Thor and Loki via a podcast? 



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