World of Warcraft is still alive and hires a new screenwriter

World of Warcraft 656 logo

WORLD OF WARCRAFT is one of those projects that roams on the edge of my awareness, always existing in some form without anything ever really happening with it. And the only update of any kind that we've had in a long while was a brief statement from Sam Raimi saying that he and the studio couldn't make the scheduling work with OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL and so were parting ways. News has otherwise been all too barren on the Azeroth front - until now, that is.

Charles Leavitt (BLOOD DIAMOND, SEVENTH SON) impressed Legendary Entertainment enough with his take on the property for them to hire him and begin the search for a new director, and it is believed that if Leavitt is able to write something suitable enough the project could actually start to see some intensive forward movement.  I'm sure everyone is itching in their britches to pull in some revenue from the 9.1 million subscribers, and number which, though down one million from last quarter, is nonetheless still a hefty number indeed.

More as we hear it, of course.

WoW cosplay 2

There's cosplay, and then there's wow.  This is definitely wow.  Yeah.

Extra Tidbit: Do you play World of Warcraft? And if you did but stopped, why?



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