Zac Efron to go Straight to Hell because headline writes itself

STRAIGHT TO HELL is a misleading title, because the film literally has nothing to do with Hell. Which is disappointing, because I think Zac Efron would make an interesting devil.

Instead, the film is a Wall Street drama that Efron is producing and potentially starring in. It's an adaptation of the book of the same name by John LeFevre, which chronicles his time as a high-profile investment banker, detailing the hedonistic debauchery and moral compromises that come with making billion dollar deals for a living. With the success of recent films like WOLF OF WALL STREET and THE BIG SHORT, it seems people are really interested in seeing successful white guys waste money and act like assholes.

Now, I like Efron. I think he has charisma, and it's nice to see child actors stay successful and not succumb to dying on street corners or worse, star in some E! or VH1 reality show sitcom. But, as for this project, I'm not sure how I feel. I mean, I really liked WOLF OF WALL STREET, but that was also a Scorcese joint. It's usually hard to get me invested in these types of characters and these types of stories, and most films in this (surprisingly large) subgenre of Wall Street biopics/dramas don't really interest me. However, having said that, if the trailers and reviews are good, I'll definitely check it out. 

No release date set for STRAIGHT TO HELL as of yet, but Efron can next be seen alongside The Rock in BAYWATCH on May 12th, 2017 and is currently filming THE GREATEST SHOWMAN alongside Hugh Jackman

So what do you guys think? And what's your favorite "rich asshole" movie? 

Extra Tidbit: Zac Efron has a cameo in James Franco's THE MASTERPIECE - about the making of Tommy Wiseau's THE ROOM - as the drug dealer demanding money from Denny.
Source: Empire



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