Ms. Marvel Easter Eggs

W​hen Marvel decided to do superhero series on Disney+, fans hoped they would be given the same care and budgets that the films had been up to that point. Some series have been hit or miss with fans but you can’t argue they didn’t deliver on that idea. All of the series they have done have been up to par with most of their theatrical movies. The latest outing introduced Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel and it did not disappoint. The show not only showed the life of a teenage superhero but showed that the MCU is not only home to superheroes but superhero fandom. All these heroes do have a certain celebrity status and we finally get to see how that works. With all that of course the show is jammed packed with all sorts of references that can easily be missed. Let’s rundown some Ms. Marvel Easter Eggs.

Warning: There will be spoilers for the entire season of Ms. Marvel!!!!!

Ms. Marvel Easter Eggs


During some of her live videos, Kamala mentions that she is thinking about making a video discussing that she thinks Thor is a closet gamer. If she had seen Avengers: Endgame then she would know that she is right! He in fact is a gamer along with his buddies Korg and Miek. But for those wondering, she is not the infamous gamer NoobMaster69. That was revealed to be someone else in a short film Marvel did as a crossover with XboX.

Ms. Marvel Easter Eggs

T​rust A Bro

I​f you watched the end credits of the first episode, and some other episodes, then you might have spied a familiar moving truck driving through the city scenes. The logo on the truck is the Trust A Bro branded logo from the Track Suit Mafia in the Hawkeye series. Looks like they are still in business even after all the problems they faced with Kingpin, Echo, and Clint. This Ms. Marvel easter egg is a great nod to the other Disney+ series.

Ms. Marvel Easter Eggs


A​t one point Kamala points out that she is actually older than she looks. She says that she and Ant-Man have that in common. This is a joke on the internet reference that Paul Rudd still looks as young as he did in his 20s even though he is now in his 50s. I don’t know what sort of magical deal that Rudd made with a sorcerer but the guy has not aged. We wish we all could be that lucky.

Ms. Marvel Easter Eggs


W​hen Kamala and Kamran are comparing some of their favorite Bollywood movies and music she mentions that she loves Kingo. This is a reference to Kumail Nanjiani’s character in the Marvel film The Eternals. Kingo arrived with the rest of his group on Earth in the early days of human beings. After living a long life he settled in India and made a name for himself as an actor and singer. To hide his immortality, he claimed to be descendants of himself. When he would feel it was time to explain why he hadn’t aged he would change his identity to an offspring. He became very popular in films and was a successful actor before he had to rejoin his team to stop the birth of a Celestial that would destroy Earth.

Ms. Marvel Easter Eggs

H​ostess Pies

K​amala’s father says at one point that he loves Hostess Fruit Pies. This is a fun product placement nod to a partnership between Hostess and Marvel back in the 70s and 80s. Hostess teamed up with multiple comic book companies to advertise their different characters. Marvel was among them and some of their Hostess Pies would include a one-page story of various superheroes that would defeat whatever villain they were facing by using the Hostess Pies as a bribe or as bait to trap them. This is a Ms. Marvel easter egg most fans might miss.

Ms. Marvel Easter Eggs

K​ree Arm

T​here is a flashback to 1942 where the Clandestine are searching for the bangle that Kamala eventually wears. In a ruined temple they find it on a dismembered arm. The arm is blue which would leave Marvel fans to believe it’s the body of a Kree. The original Captain Marvel is of the Kree race which has blue skin. He used to wear two bands called Nega Bands that could turn mental energy into physical energy. They only find one but it seems to be enough to work.

Ms. Marvel Easter Eggs

T​he Ten Rings

O​n the floor of the ruined temple where they find the bangle, you can see the symbol of the Ten Rings. One fan theory is that the missing bangle is actually the Ten Rings that were at the center of Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings. In one of the post-credits scenes of that film, Bruce says that the artifacts were emitting a beacon. No one was able to find out for what reason. Although Carol Danvers does say in that scene, that the rings are not of alien origin. Who knows what the connection between the Ten Rings and the bangle that ends up with Kamala.

Ms. Marvel Easter Eggs

M​asters Of Disguise

W​hen Bruno and Kamran are on the run they are given baseball hats to use as a disguise to escape from Damage Control. This has been a joke in the MCU as any time a character needs to hide from anyone, all they ever do is put on a baseball cap, and they become invisible to the people looking for them. In Ant-Man And The Wasp, Scott Lang makes a joke when they are trying to hide from the people chasing them they just put on baseball caps. He says they are not disguises. They just look like themselves going to a baseball game. Looks like it doesn’t stop anyone from actually doing it.

Ms. Marvel Easter Eggs


B​runo has been studying Kamala’s genes all season to try and figure out where her powers come from. He mentions that there was something different about her genetics, and he believes that she has a ‘mutation’ in her genes. After he drops the line, the theme from the 90s X-Men cartoon plays. This would be the first confirmation of mutants entering the MCU. Professor X makes a cameo in the Doctor Strange film but this is the first mutant character revealed in the MCU 616 reality.

I​t is an interesting twist as when Kamala was introduced in the comics, Marvel was going through a strange corporate period. They had their own movie studio but the X-Men films were still being made over at Fox. Any characters in the comics they made that were a mutant would automatically fall under those film rights as all mutants were tied to the X-Men franchise. They set out to not make any more mutant characters so as to not hand the rival film studio any more characters.

T​hey instead have a story where Terrigen Mists from the Inhumans comics are released on Earth and it activates people’s latent Inhuman genes giving them powers. This is how Kamala is introduced. She is part Inhuman. Now since Disney bought Fox they now own all the film rights to those characters so in the series they are reverting it back to making Kamala a mutant.

Ms. Marvel Easter Eggs

N​ega Bands

I​n the post-credits scene of the last episode we see Kamala flop down on her bed. Her bangle begins to glow, and then she disappears and Carol Danvers played by Brie Larson appears in her place. In the comics, the Nega Bands have the ability to swap characters if two different people are wearing the bands. Not only does Carol get a shock as she sees a bedroom with posters of her all over it, but she is now back on Earth. This sets up the upcoming film The Marvels that will feature Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Monica Rambeau who we last saw leaving with a Skrull agent to go into outer space at the end of WandaVision.

W​hat Ms. Marvel easter eggs did you spot? Let us know in the comments.

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