NBC streaming service The Peacock considering Quantum Leap reboot

Despite the fact that NBC's Quantum Leap has, in my opinion, the worst television ending in history, I can't stress how much I love that show. I've always been obsessed with time travel and the Donald P. Bellisario program was so much more than science fiction. The show, which ran for five seasons and totaled ninety-seven episodes, followed the exploits of Dr. Sam Beckett (NECESSARY ROUGHNESS actor Scott Bakula) as he traveled through time and "put right what once went wrong." During it's run the program examined a variety of topics including the Watts Riots, racism, the Vietnam war, homosexuality, and so much more. It's the first television show I remember being moved to tears on several occasions.

Well in an effort to reboot and remake everything in their back catalog, NBC's upcoming streaming service The Peacock is looking to bring back Quantum Leap for a new generation. With revivals of Saved By The Bell and Punky Brewster set to kick off production soon, NBC head of programming Jeff Bader recently revealed that Quantum Leap is under consideration as well. In an interview with SlashFilm regarding the time travel television show Bader stated, "That's one I know everyone is discussing." While more than a little vague, my twelve-year old self desperately wants this to be true.

This is not the first talk of a Quantum Leap revival. In 2009 the SyFy channel briefly considered a reboot with a new cast, but that ultimately fell through. Regardless, I think it's highly unlikely that if a new version of Quantum Leap happens that it would involve the old cast. Scott Bakula currently stars on CBS' NCIS: New Orleans and Dean Stockwell (who played Sam's holographic sidekick Al) is eighty-two years old and hasn't acted in five years.

Personally I think it makes more sense to have a new cast and set it in the 21st century. One of the hooks of the original Quantum Leap was that Sam could only "leap" within his own lifetime. Consequently, the time travel periods were limited to the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and early 1990s. By setting a new Quantum Leap in the current decade and making the new Sam the same age (mid-40s), the new adventures could span from the 1970s up to the present time. Plenty of the themes from the original series could still be explored during this time span. The possibilities are legion.

What about you guys? Would you like to see a new Quantum Leap series? Who would you cast as Sam and Al? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: SlashFilm

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