NECA Puppet Master action figures coming in March: Blade, Torch, and more

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Say what you will about the quality of the PUPPET MASTER films over the years, they've certainly had their ups and downs, but there's no doubt that the puppet characters at the center of the Full Moon franchise are extremely cool looking. So it's exciting to hear that the folks at NECA will be releasing action figures based on four of the puppets next March – and along with this announcement, the company also shared a whole bunch of pictures of these action figures.

NECA has turned four of the puppets into action figures – Blade, Torch, Pinhead, and Tunneler – and they will be released in a pair of two-packs. Here's the info: 

NECA is proud to present the Ultimate Blade & Torch and Pinhead & Tunneler 2 Packs from the cult series, Puppet Master! 

Each figure stands approximately 4.25" tall, representing the classic look of each puppet, with accessories themed to the character's appearances across several films in the franchise. 

Blade includes interchangeable heads and knives, both with clean and bloody variations. Torch features an articulated jaw and can equip a flame effect for his right arm. 

Pinhead includes two interchangeable hands, a fire poker, a vial of rejuvenation liquid, a wrench, and hooks. Tunneler is armed with a grease gun and pickaxe, along with interchangeable heads, hands, and an alternative bloody drill top. 

Comes in window box packaging replicating Andre Toulon's Puppet Case.
Shipping Date: March 2021

The pictures of these figures can be seen in the Facebook embed below:

I have seen some fans express disappointment that these action figures are going to be so small, but it's tough to be too let down by their size when they look this awesome.

Source: NECA: Blade and Torch, NECA: Pinhead and Tunneler

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