Necessary Evil: A Horror Movie Version of Suicide Squad

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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Welcome back, friends! I hope you're prepared for another round of horror that has to happen! Also hope you took the time to check out our last Necessary Evil in complete darkness! Suicide Squad finally releases this Friday and we can all see what happens when the baddest of the bad in the superhero world fight for good. I've always thought that was a pretty interesting concept, however it could be even cooler/crazier if the baddest bad guys in horror banded together for a certain cause! That brings us to today's topic! What would it take to get the greatest horror icons to form their own sick squad the likes of which Taylor Swift could only dream of?! Let's slice this bitch open! Here's what I got!

IDEA: A horror movie version of Suicide Squad where Freddy, Jason, Michael, and Chucky must band together to stop a large threat. I'm calling it Dream Warriors (get it?)!

OUTLINE: Okay, first off I want to say that I totally understand that getting these horror icons together to fight for a united cause is a pretty ridiculous-sounding setup. To pull it off, we'd have to come up with some kind of believable scenario that both holds true to these iconic characters and does not insult horror fans. Because of this, I think the best premise for setting the majority of the action would be in the dream world, aka: Freddy's world.

With that out of the way, here is how we get there! Freddy finally gets pulled from the dream world into ours and gets captured by a covert band of special ops officers. However, instead of sentencing him to death, the officers opt to have him studied with the hopes of one, learning how he obtained his power to enter people's dreams and two, discovering the whereabouts of three other mass murderers that can't seem to be caught. An experiment is set up. Freddy is put in a deep sleep and hooked up to a machine that is plugged into a large computer. He is injected with a digital "virus" specially designed to extract information from his mind and feed it to the computer. A dream world has been created for him to roam in freely, however the virus is there too. Said virus has taken the form of a hideous monster with sharp claws and jagged teeth and it is literally stalking Freddy! Even worse, the monster is equipped with all the powers that Freddy usually possesses.

necessary evil arrow in the head horror movie icons suicide squad freddy krueger jason voorhees michael myers chucky team dream warriors

The dream world looks just like our regular world, complete with people. The monster, whose only mission is to kill and obtain information, gains strength from every person it kills (kind of like a slasher video game) and must kill Freddy in order to absorb all his secrets. It's a complete role reversal for Freddy in terms of what he usually does in his movies! Realizing that he is pretty much f*cked, Freddy decides to call on the only beings that could possibly help him: Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Chucky, who just so happen to be the three mass murders the special ops officers are looking to learn the whereabouts of!

Since Michael, Jason, and Chucky do conceivably go to sleep, Freddy enters each of their dreams and recruits them into his squad! Of course, it takes some convincing for each killer, but Freddy can really talk and gets them to believe that the monster will find out where they are all hiding if it isn't stopped. Hence, you've now got your "suicide squad" of horror icons set within a landscape where they must stop an evil force from killing them as well as other innocent bystanders! The bad guys are now fighting for good!

The safety of the dream world is now in the hands of a claw glove, a machete, a kitchen knife, and a psycho doll! Each horror icon uses his own brand of killing expertise to fend off the monster. Because the action is taking place in a real-world-looking dream world, all bets are off and absolutely ANYTHING can happen! I see the monster eventually becoming too strong to stop and just as it is about to kill Freddy and learn the whereabouts of the other killers, a certain chainsaw-wielding maniac (Freddy's last trick up his sleeve) shows up to save the day!

necessary evil arrow in the head horror movie icons suicide squad freddy krueger jason voorhees michael myers chucky team dream warriors

WHY IT COULD WORK: Just look at all the buzz surrounding Suicide Squad. Even with the latest backlash of less-than-stellar initial reviews, people are still going out of their minds with anticipation! And I'll tell you this: Freddy, Michael, Jason, and Chucky are all way more popular than the majority of bad guys that make up Suicide Squad. It could be the ultimate horror movie icon monster mash-up!

CHARACTERS: We've got ALL our famous horror slasher heroes! I could only see Robert Englund playing Freddy. Anyone could play Michael so long as they can nail his mannerisms. Gotta get Kane Hodder as Jason and Brad Dourif to voice Chucky. As for the people on the special ops as well as the ones in the dream world, I say we sprinkle it with recognizable horror movie favorites like Jeffrey Combs, Tom Savini, Lin Shaye, Linda Blair, Michael Berryman, Tiffany Shepis, Felissa Rose, Clancy Brown, etc.

CONCLUSION: Who wouldn't love a horror movie loaded with all their favorite iconic killers? I must stress that the script really has to be on-point to work. You don't put the likes of Freddy, Michael, Jason, and Chucky up on the big screen without a strong story. As long as the setup is there and the audience can get happily lost within the madness, I believe a movie like this could be huge… scary huge!

Okay, it's time to let me have it! Does this idea piss you off more than Suicide Squad's negative reviews? Or do you think a horror squad filled with our favorite frightful foes would make for some killer entertainment? What would YOU want to see out of a movie like this? Please use your vocal cannon and fire them bullets below! And if you have any ideas that you think should be made into horror reality, let me know at [email protected].

necessary evil arrow in the head horror movie icons suicide squad freddy krueger jason voorhees michael myers chucky team dream warriors

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