Netflix appoints Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Chief Action Officer in new promo

While Sly is settled at Paramount+, Arnold Schwarzenegger has his chips on Netflix as the streamer pumps up action content.

Netflix wants audiences to know they’re serious about getting into the action game. And what better way to prove it than to appoint one of the biggest names in action movie history, and one of the longest actor names in general, as the Chief Action Officer of the platform. A new video released by Netflix is promoting the upcoming slate of action titles that the streamer is eager to blow your socks off with. And this video is hosted by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger as he starts his first day at his new position with the company.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was famous for being the first to use a military Humvee as a commercial civilian vehicle and this video quite appropriately begins with the former Governor of California crushing a Mercedes Benz with a tank. Was there a stunt driver for this shot? Hell no. It was Arnold-freakin’-Schwarzenegger. “Was it really me driving? Of course it was. I wasn’t going to let someone else have that fun. And yes — it was as easy as it looked.” And according to Netflix, the Terminator star “performed the stunt in just two takes, bulldozing over two different cars with the support of the stunt team he’s worked with for 30 years.” 

He adds a little fun fact about the tank. “I drove this exact tank when I was an 18-year-old in the Austrian army, and many years later I was fortunate enough to be able to bring it to the US. So when Netflix wanted to name me as CAO, I jumped at the opportunity to have a little fun with the tank,” Schwarzenegger says. He restored the antiquated vehicle and now uses it to raise money for charity.

Schwarzenegger is looking forward to a new resurgence with a few projects about to be released, including a new show, a new action film in which he’ll be the star, a new documentary, and a new book. As Netflix promotes the upcoming action comedy FUBAR, which will be starring Arnold and Top Gun: Maverick‘s Monica Barbaro as a father and daughter secret agent duo, the streamer also headlines a smattering of other action titles that will be heading your way shortly this year.

The video which shows Arnold working at Netflix Headquarters, has their new Chief Action Officer pumping iron as he watches Chris Hemsworth fight people in Extraction 2, as well as promoting Jennifer Lopez’s new action vehicle, The Mother, and the upcoming Gal Gadot actioner, Heart of Stone. Of course, he also plugs his own show, FUBAR, which will be streaming this week on May 25th.

Source: Netflix

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