New Cloverfield pics!!

It’s hard to believe that after all the buzz and hype that started over the summer when the CLOVERFIELD teaser was attached to TRANSFORMERS, the film will be here in less than two months. Which means we’re gonna start finding out some information on this notoriously secretive film. We can start today with a batch of new official stills sent in by a scooper named “Ezra J. Sharkington.” We don’t get any new glimpses of the monster here but you do get a good sense of impending doom. Like things don’t look too good for the chick with the bloody eyes. And what exactly are they trying desperately to keep on the other side of that door? There’s just a sampling of the pics below but if you click on any of them, you’ll head to our CLOVERFIELD preview page, which has the gallery in full. Enjoy!


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