A new Jackass TV series is in development for Paramount+

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The Pain Train keeps on chuggin’! Thanks to the success of Jackass Forever, Paramount Global is developing a new Jackass TV series.

“Based off the success of Jackass Forever, we’re working with the creators to continue the partnership with a new series, bringing even more ridiculous antics straight to Paramount+,” Paramount Global CEO Bob Bakish said on Tuesday.

Ordering another iteration of Jackass is part of Paramount Global’s master plan to launch TV spin-offs based on lucrative Paramount theatrical properties. If it makes money, they’ll see how much they can squeeze from it. While this strategy can often feel like a soulless cash-grab, I think plenty of people will be genuinely stoked to hear that Jackass is coming back.

The development of a new Jackass TV series is thanks to Jackass Forever performing better at the box office than anticipated. Jackass Forever earned $23.5 million from 3,604 screens, an impressive total, to be sure.

Cast members for the new Jackass TV series have yet to be confirmed, though I suspect it will include the latest members of the Jackass crew and veterans of the stunt-related series. Jackass Forever is now available to own on Digital and physical media platforms. I’ve not seen the latest film in the Jackass franchise for myself, but I plan on watching it soon. I love the idea of Paramount revamping the Jackass TV series for a new generation, especially with new cast members to torture and defy the laws of nature.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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