New Karate Kid Movie: Ralph Macchio is uncertain if he’ll appear in Sony’s film set for 2024

New Karate Kid Movie, Ralph Macchio, Sony

It turns out that we have more in common with Ralph Macchio than we think, seeing as neither of us knows much about Sony’s new Karate Kid movie. Sony announced the mysterious project earlier this month, though plot details and casting calls remain in the shadows. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Macchio offered insight into his knowledge of Sony’s film, planned for a 2024 release.

“I know no other information,” Macchio confessed to EW. “It’s too early to tell what that story is [with the movie]. This is all, like, happening in real time as you’re asking me this question.”

While Macchio did have prior knowledge about Sony’s new Karate Kid movie before it was officially announced, that’s about as far as it goes. Beyond revealing the project’s June 7, 2024 release, Sony is holding onto more information tighter than Johnny Lawrence to his high school glory days. “I think that [will be figured out] in the near future, or I may have nothing to do with it,” Macchio admits. “We’ll talk when I know what’s going on.”

After Sony’s new Karate Kid movie was announced, Cobra Kai series co-creator Jon Hurwitz confirmed he is not involved in the new film. Hurwitz says he’d love to make Karate Kid or Cobra Kai movies, but nothing related to the opportunity has crossed his path. Meanwhile, Cobra Kai is performing like gangbusters for Netflix and shows no signs of slowing down. Hurwitz is confident the series will be renewed for a sixth season, with plenty more stories to tell.

Where do you stand on Sony’s new Karate Kid movie plans? Do you think Macchio and other stars from the franchise will appear in the 2024 release? Will the new movie continue the legacy or forge a new path? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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