New Line developing a movie based on the classic 80s video game Rampage

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

As Guillermo del Toro prepares to begin shooting on his own giant monster movie PACIFIC RIM, New Line has begun developing its own giant monster movie based on the classic arcade came RAMPAGE.

The studio and producer John Rickard (FRIDAY THE 13TH, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remakes) are meeting with writers to adapt the story of three men who are accidentally transformed into a King Kong character, a Godzilla character and, rather inexplicably, a werewolf.

As humans, George (King Kong) was a normal middle aged man, Lizzie (Godzilla) was a young woman, and Ralph (Wolfman) was an old man, before being experimented on by the unfortunately named Scumlabs Corporation.

Beyond that, the plot of the game was to just destroy the town, including buildings, helicopters and people, as much as possible. The movie would presumably not be cheering on the destruction of major cities by the monsters.

The game was released in 1986 by Midway and has seen a number of iterations since then, most of which have sucked. With the state of video game movies these days, I don’t have much optimism that a RAMPAGE movie would be much better.

Source: THR

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