New trailer for Blind Alley: blood, evil demons and rock ‘n’ roll

Last Updated on July 23, 2021

Do you remember EL CALLEJON? Well, let me refresh your memoria. A few days ago we released a couple of new images of the movie and today we’re proud to announce that Phase 4 is picking up the US distribution rights to BLIND ALLEY (EL CALLEJON in Spanish) the new film from writer/director Antonio Trashorras who penned THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE alongside Mr. Guillermo Del Toro, and what’s a better way to celebrate other than releasing a brand new trailer (below).

Blind Alley is a slasher movie with a twist (a monster twist) and it stars the lovely Ana De Armas (EL INTERNADO). Diego Cadavid and Leonor Varela complete the cast and the synopsis goes like this: “Lucy (De Armas) is a young Cuban girl that works as a maid in a coastal resort hotel who wants to be famous. Finally after a zillion of auditions she gets a call back. The thing is that she needs to go to a 24 hours laundrette on a blind alley (how convenient) to wash her dresses. She meets a charming guy in the laundrette and faster than you can say “I have a monster behind me”, she finds out that her new friend is a wolf. Now Lucy is trapped with him on the laundrette and she needs to fight back if she wants to get out alive and well”.

It’s funny how they didn’t use dialogue in the trailer so the US crowd can “digest” it. One more thing, Is it me or the trailer reveals way too much about the movie? What do you think?

Source: Arrow in the Head

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