New poster for Rafa Martinez’s Sweet Home, starring Bruno Sevilla

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

Sweet Home

Rafa Martinez will make his directorial debut with SWEET HOME, a thriller of the slasher variety that’s centered on a hooded mad man out for blood as he stalks a couple in a semi-abandoned building. Sounds like our kind of movie! We have the film’s newest poster for you guys to take a look at, and don’t forget to watch the trailer HERE if you missed it. SWEET HOME opens in Spain on May 8, 2015, with a U.S. release date still to be announced.

Here’s what you need to know about SWEET HOME:

A couple decide to spend a romantic evening on a floor of a semi-abandoned building. During the evening they discover that a hooded murderer is the only tenant left in the building… and they have become the new target.

Written by Martinez, Angel Agudo, and Teresa de Rosendo, SWEET HOME stars Ingrid Garcia Jonsson and Bruno Sevilla.

Sweet Home Poster

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