New stills from Anna starring Mark Strong and Taissa Farmiga

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

Next month will see the release of Jorge Dorado directorial debut of ANNA which stars the fantastic cast of Mark Strong, "American Horror Story's" Taissa Farmiga and Brian Cox. Today, we’re here to bring you guys a bunch of new imagery from the flick featuring a fantastic look at the thriller and its cast. Dig on those below!

The Jaume Collet-Serra produced flick will be heading our way on VOD as well as select theaters on June 6th!

Here’s a synopsis:

Mark Strong plays John Washington, a detective with the unique ability to enter people's minds and memories (presumably to help people recall event details pertinent to solving cases). Washington takes on the case of a troubled teenage girl named Anna, played by up-and-coming young actress Taissa Farmiga, who is accused of an attempted triple homicide. To uncover the mystery surrounding Anna and her story, Washington will enter her mind and try to find out the truth: is Anna capable of killing, or is there something hidden in her memories that shows otherwise?

If you missed the official trailer we hit you folks with back in April, you can check that out right HERE.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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