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Because we can’t possibly cover all the cool movie news out there, we’ve created “News, Schmews, Etc.”, some quick links to movie news around the web we hope you’ll enjoy. Pictures are clickable.

Twitter “Global Frequency” comic will get a second chance at the small screen courtesy of “The CW”

Cracked Some of the most popular chick flicks secretly hate women. Here’s 7 of them.

Latino Review New trailer for Amanda Seyfried starring movie LETTERS TO JULIET reveals everything so, um, boo?

Amanda Seyfried

Nerve You know who’s eons more bad ass than Chuck Norris? Werner fucking Herzog – here’s five reasons why

The Daily What For no reason whatsoever, every utterance of “hey man” in DAZED AND CONFUSED

Bleeding Cool Hells yeah, the first official meeting for a new JUDGE DREDD comic adaptation

Sandra Bullock

io9 First cast picture of the Addams Family musical because why the hell not

Guyism Indiana Jones and snakes and eight more fatal flaws of classic movie characters

Splash Page Tim Burton’s SUPERMAN LIVES concept art at MOMA exhibit makes us glad he didn’t make it

Moviehole Smoking hot, possibly lesbian, model Tanit Phoenix has joined the cast of the DTV sequel LOST BOYS 3

Tanit PHoenix

Gizmodo A man spoke only Klingon to his son for 3 years. Awesome. Bonus Awesomeness.

Film Drunk Vince over at “Film Drunk” reviews the RED DAWN remake script and gives it a firm “meh”

Slash Film Chinese remake of Pixar short PRESTO isn’t quite as awesome but still kind of awesome

Super Tremendous Unintentionally funny movie marquees are pretty great so here’s ten of of the funniest

Topless Robot A commercial for…something inexplicably featuring a stripping Lara Croft…or something

Alison Carroll

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