Nicolas Pesce, Lin Shaye and John Cho talk THE GRUDGE!

Nicolas Pesce has certainly become quite a fascinating filmmaker. From THE EYES OF MY MOTHER to PIERCING, the man takes an intriguing approach to horror. And now, he gives us a return to the familiar and freaky with his take on THE GRUDGE. The film, which feels very much like a sequel as opposed to a remake, brings the curse closer to home. The impressive cast includes the legendary Lin Shaye, John Cho, Andrea Riseborough, Betty Gilpin and Demián Bichir. And interestingly, not only does it attempt to recreate that eerie creature from the original, it also shines a light on how age and dementia affect those we love. It’s an interesting spin on this familiar tale.

Recently, we had the chance to speak with Mr. Pesce, Mr. Cho and of course, Lin Shaye. For Lin, she opened up about taking on a role that is dealing with much more than an evil spirit haunting her. She also chatted about her respect for the director and what he was trying to do here. As well, she gave us a little hint of what to look forward to when she takes on her first television show, as Penny Dreadful returns for a brand new season. Ms. Shaye is a phenomenal talent, and a truly kind person. And the fact that she embraces horror as she does is quite inspiring. I continue to be a major fan of her work.

Next up we spoke to both John and Nicholas about their latest. For Pesce, he discussed what intrigued him about going the remake route, and why this particular franchise. As well, he opened up about creating a film that can exist inside the world already established. As for John – who was terrific in the online thriller SEARCHING – he talked about being a part of this work. The actor is always solid, and he certainly gives an impressive performance. And considering his role takes a very personal and heartbreaking turn, he discussed playing that and how he approched the material. Are you ready to face the curse once again? Well if so, THE GRUDGE opens this weekend at a theatre near you.


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