Nicole Kidman looks for her missing children in Strangerland

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

The WOLF CREEK 2 trailer just reminded us how perilous it can be in the outback, but if we needed some more proof, the high-profile thriller STRANGERLAND is going to give it to us. This Australia-set mystery is set to star a trio of fantastic Aussie actors: Nicole Kidman, Guy Pearce and Hugo Weaving and it sounds as if it takes part in the grand tradition of eerie things happening in the sparsely-populated locale.

While plot details are light thus far, Variety claims STRANGERLAND revolves around

…a couple whose relationship is pushed to the brink when their two teenage children disappear into the remote Australian desert and they are forced to confront the mystery of their children’s fate.

Kim Farrant will direct the film, which was written by Fiona Seres and Michael Kinirons and is produced by Naomi Wenck and Macdara Kelleher, with executive producers Christopher Woodrow, Molly Conners, Maria Cestone, Sarah E. Johnson, Andrew Mackie and Richard Payten.

We’re going to wait and see just how much this flick deserves to be mentioned on this site (it could always end up skewing more toward relationship drama than suspense thriller) but for now we’re liking what we’re hearing!

Source: Variety

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