Nolan’s The “Dark Knight” Trilogy to fly back onto the big screen

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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Holy Bat-shit, folks! You'd best crank Prince's Batdance to eleven and start organizing all your wonderful toys, because Warner Bros. has announced that Christopher Nolan's The "Dark Knight" Trilogy is returning to the big screen for a special five-city IMAX engagement.

Jeff Goldstein, President of Domestic Distribution at Warner Bros. Pictures let fly the news this afternoon, stating that all three films will be presented in a gorgeous 70MM format, making certain that bat-fans feel every punch, grapple, and brood-tastic moment of Nolan's beloved trilogy.

As per the event's official press release:

First, on Saturday, March 30, the films—2005’s “Batman Begins,” 2008’s “The Dark Knight” and 2012’s “The Dark Knight Rises”—will screen back-to-back at the Universal Cinema AMC at CityWalk Hollywood, California.  During an interlude between the second and third films, Nolan will join the audience for a moderated Q&A discussion on the movies. 

Then on April 13, the Trilogy will screen at AMC Lincoln Square in New York City and AMC Metreon in San Francisco, followed by Cinesphere Ontario Place, Toronto, and IMAX Theatre at the Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, on April 20, each accompanied by the footage of Nolan’s Los Angeles appearance.

In all five cities, all three movies will be seen in the director’s preferred format, IMAX 70mm, providing an all-encompassing moviegoing experience.  In fact, it was Nolan who, with “The Dark Knight,” was the first filmmaker to shoot the action sequences of a major feature film with IMAX cameras, revolutionizing the integration of IMAX and standard formats.  He again utilized IMAX cameras even more extensively in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Back in the day, Nolan's The "Dark Knight" Trilogy banked $2.5 billion at the worldwide box office, making the film collection one of the most successful in cinematic superhero history. And while each of Nolan's contributions to the Bat filmverse are celebrated by many in their own right, it's the second installment of the series, THE DARK KNIGHT, that is often hailed as one of the best superhero films of all-time. The aforementioned film featured the late Heath Ledger as the Joker, for what was one of his final performances before passing away in January of 2008.

Tickets for all events will go on sale beginning Wednesday, March 13, at 9 a.m. PDT, and moviegoers who acquire tickets for all three films will receive a lanyard and special “Dark Knight” Trilogy collectible.

My advice is to be perched at your computer or smartphone when tickets go on sale, because just like Batman disappearing from a GCPD rooftop, tickets are bound to move fast.

Source: Warner Bros.

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