Not Another Teen Movie scribes sell their Un-Safe House pitch to Lionsgate

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson, the writers behind such comedies as NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE and Fox's REVENGE OF THE NERDS, have just sold their pitch for a feature film entitled UN-SAFE HOUSE to Lionsgate with Russell Hollander set to produce.

The story of UN-SAFE HOUSE revolves around three childhood friends, who after renting a luxury beach house, receive an unexpected shock when a decorated MI6 agent informs them that they've mistakenly rented a safe house. Obviously, things get pretty crazy from there on.

While UN-SAFE HOUSE will mark a return to the big screen for Epstein and Jacobson, the two have recently been hard at work penning the pilot episode of Amblin Entertainment and Syfy's LOVECRAFT, in addition to the pilot for Awesomeness TV and Hulu's SURRENDER. Moreover, the writing partner's best-selling children's book series, THE FAMILIARS, had recently been sold to Sam Raimi and Sony Animation, and is now in the "active development" portion of its creation – Michael Gracey, the director of THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, is poised to helm the animated project.

Well okay then, I'm down for this. For my money, NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE has been one of the better parody films of the past several years, and I'd be curious to learn of what the duo get up to with the whole UN-SAFE HOUSE scenario. What if it ends up being something akin to WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S 3, but with super secret spy stuff mixed in? I'd buy a ticket to see that.

Source: Variety

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