Obliterated has been canceled by Netflix after one season

Netflix has canceled Obliterated after one season, the action comedy following a special forces group trying to find a bomb in Las Vegas.

Obliterated, canceled

There will be no second season of Obliterated as Netflix has canceled the action comedy series after just one season.

Obliterated follows a special forces team assembled to stop a deadly terrorist network from blowing up Las Vegas. After completing their mission, they celebrate with a night on the town, filled with sex, drugs, and booze, only to discover that the nuclear bomb they neutralized was fake. They must fight off their hangovers to find the real bomb and save the city for real. The series was created by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald, best known for Netflix’s Cobra Kai series.

Considering that Obliterated spent six weeks on Netflix’s Top 10 for English-language series following its debut last November, the cancelation comes as something of a surprise, but streaming services have been much more frugal lately. The series was originally given a straight-to-series order by TBS in 2019, but after the network backed out, Netflix scooped up the series.

The action comedy certainly had its fans, including our own Alex Maidy. “There is a charm to these characters, especially as the series never tries to make them politically correct and allows them just to be ass-kicking, horny, and crass warriors who get the job done even when they are three sheets to the wind,” Maidy wrote. “Obliterated is not marquee, award-level television but rather a more fun series that benefits from having a blast.” He added that the series “is a lot of fun with some creative kills and witty one-liners that would have been right at home coming from Arnold or Sly. Obliterated is a solid original project from the team that has been mining Karate Kid nostalgia for half a decade. I hope we get multiple seasons of this series in the future.” Sadly not. You can check out the rest of Maidy’s review of Obliterated right here.

Also, you should check out a little trip to Sin City that our own Chris Bumbray took last year to interview the creators, check out the sets, and even do a little drinking and ziplining.

Are you sad to see Obliterated get canceled after just one season?

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