One: Felicity Jones to star in and produce a scripted Formula 1 family drama series

Rogue One actress Felicity Jones is gearing up to star in and produce One, a drama series focusing on Formula 1 racing.

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Rogue One and The Theory of Everything actress Felicity Jones is getting behind the wheel for One, a Formula 1 family drama series from Bedrock Entertainment, Mark Fergus, and Hawk Ostby. The project is a first for the Formula 1 organization, which has never hit the track for a scripted series. Jones will star in and produce, with Fergus and Ostby writing the script.

According to Deadline‘s exclusive report, One focuses on “the tumultuous ascension of a fictitious family-owned Formula 1 team as it contends with fierce personalities, ever-changing rivals, and multi-million-dollar stakes. It will blend fiction with the real-world of F1, which has 23 races scheduled for the 2023 season.”

Writing for the series is delayed because of the writers’ strike. However, once the details of the ongoing battle for representation, fair pay, and better work conditions, among other things, are concluded, Fergus and Ostby will put the pedal to the metal on scripting the series. The production pool is deep for this one, with Jones and her brother Alexander Jones producing through Piecrust Pictures.

“It is an honour to be part of this unique and exciting partnership with Formula 1,” Felicity Jones said about getting into the fast-paced world of Formula 1 racing drama. “The high-stakes world of F1 continually delivers edge-of-your-seat drama and to have the opportunity to create a show based in this world is a thrilling prospect. I feel incredibly privileged to be working alongside this talented team including Mark and Hawk, Tony and the team at Bedrock Entertainment, and the whole team at F1 to bring our story to the screen.”

Band of Brothers producer To executive produces via Bedrock, with Dan Sackheim and ITV Studios America’s President and Managing Director Philippe Maigret.

Sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), Formula 1 hit the pavement with its inaugural season in 1950. The wildly entertaining display of precision driving revolves around an international prestige race for open-wheel single-seat formula racing. All it takes is one wrong move, a single miscalculation, for a Formula 1 car to spiral out of control, causing devastation on the track. With so much on the line, One is bound to make for an intense drama from the writing team behind Children of MenThe Expanse, and Iron Man.

Source: Deadline

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