Ouija scribes enter the Bermuda Triangle and Sam Raimi’s Ghost House

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Married screenwriting partners Juliet Snowden and Stiles White are genre regulars, having provided scripts for the 2005 film BOOGEYMAN, 2012's THE POSSESSION, and last year's OUIJA, which White made his directorial debut on. They've now been hired to work on a project at Universal that isn't being referred to as a genre project yet, but given the writers' history and the subject matter it seems likely.

Snowden and White will do a rewrite on a script by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR) for an untitled Bermuda Triangle project Gough and Millar first set up three years ago. The project is being kept shrouded in secrecy, but it's certain that it centers on

the area known as the Devil's Triangle that stretches between the Florida Straits, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Over the years, several ships and planes have disappeared while in the area under mysterious circumstances. Theories about paranormal or alien causes have long swirled around these strange disappearances.

The THR report of this news also mentions that the couple will be re-teaming with their BOOGEYMAN and THE POSSESSION producer Sam Raimi for a project entitled GHOST HOUSE. Raimi must really like the pair, trusting them with a film that shares its name with his company Ghost House Productions.

There hasn't been a Snowden/White joint yet that has really blown me away, but I can't fault them for sticking with the genre, and I'm looking forward to learning more about this Bermuda Triangle story and GHOST HOUSE.

Source: THR

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