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Update: Gyro_44 hit the nail on the rotting corpse head. The film opened in Canada on March 16th and will open in the US on June 15th.

Putting a fresh, or even a rotting, decaying spin, for that matter, on the zombie horror subgenre isn’t the easiest thing in the world but writer/director Andrew Currie has seemingly done just that with his heartwarming zombie comedy FIDO. He’s created a world where zombies have been domesticated and when one particular boy’s pet zombie accidentally eats the next door neighbor, as zombies are wont to do, he must go through extreme lenghts to save his zombie friend from getting killed…again. It’s a comedy that, as one anonymous IMDB-er put, will rip your heart out. Check out the film’s nifty poster below. What has that world come to when they can’t find a zombie pet who won’t, you know, eat them. FIDO opens June 15th. (Or if the official site is to be believed, March 16th.)


Source: Lionsgate

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