Acclaimed filmmaker Peter Weir hints at retiring from making movies and wishes the next generation luck

Peter Weir, The Truman Show, Master and Commander

Peter Weir, the acclaimed director of such films as Master and Commander: The Far Side of the WorldDead Poet’s Society, and The Truman Show may be retiring. Speaking with the Sydney Morning Herald, the 78-year-old filmmaker admitted his desire to make films is waning and that it might be best to leave that job to a younger generation.

When asked if there was still gas in the tank for directing major motion pictures, Weir practically said goodbye to his decades-long profession. “For film directors, like volcanoes, there are three major stages: active, dormant, and extinct. I think I’ve reached the latter! Another generation is out there calling “action” and “cut,” and good luck to them.”

For Weir, filmmaking is about exploration and allowing the job to bring you to fascinating locations to work alongside talented individuals. He loves the outdoors and is grateful to have explored so many outstanding wonders worldwide throughout his career.

When asked if he feels fulfilled by his filmmaking experience, Weir explained, “I love visiting ancient ruins or battlefields from long ago. I might have been an archaeologist in another life. The most memorable of many expeditions would have to be diving on the sunken World War II Japanese fleet lying beneath Truk Lagoon [in the central Pacific].”

Weir is responsible for filming various iconic scenes, from the raging forces of nature in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World to the “Oh Captain! My Captain!” scene in Dead Poet Society. Still, the thing fans express thanks for the most when speaking with Weir is bringing the phrase “carpe diem” to their attention. Weir has lost count of how many people have shown him their “carpe diem” tattoos, bringing a smile to his face.

Do you think Weir is ready to retire? What is your favorite film from his long-standing career? Dead Poet’s Society is mine, with The Truman Show being a close second. Please sound off in the comments below and let us know your favorite film from this outstanding director.

Source: The Sydney Herald

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