Planet of the Apes comic book launches Marvel’s 20th Century Studios imprint

The Planet of the Apes comic book, coming from Marvel in April, will launch the company’s new 20th Century Studios imprint

Disney owns the Marvel Comics company, and when Disney acquired the 20th Century Fox film studio a couple years ago, it gave Marvel the chance to publish comic books inspired by 20th Century properties like Alien, Predator, and Planet of the Apes. Marvel has already gotten Alien and Predator comic books out on the shelves, and we reported last year that a Planet of the Apes comic book was in the works for a 2023 release. Now The Hollywood Reporter has learned that when that book is released in April, it’s going to be used to launch a new Marvel imprint: the 20th Century Studios line. The Alien and Predator comic books, and any other 20th Century property that ends up getting the comic treatment from Marvel, will also be part of this imprint.

Marvel Comics’ editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski provided the following statement: “Ever since we announced our Alien and Predator comics, we hoped to create a special space within our comics line to go even bigger and bolder and keep building on the iconic moments from these properties that we all know and love. This 20th Century Studios comics imprint, in collaboration with our friends at 20th Century Studios, is the perfect way to do that. And now that we’re bringing back Planet of the Apes again through classic comic book storytelling, we are absolutely thrilled to officially launch this imprint for the fans, and we’re all honored to expand upon it in the coming months.

20th Century Studios’ president Steve Asbell added: “We’ve had a blast working with C.B. and his team and, as lifetime Marvel comics fans, it’s an honor to be a part of such an enduring creative legacy. We think fans will love the fresh takes on these beloved, iconic movies.

The Planet of the Apes comic book is coming to us from writer David F. Walker, artist David Wachter, and cover artist Joshua Cassara. Marvel actually has a history with Planet of the Apes that goes back more than forty years, as they first published Planet of the Apes stories in 1974. In 1975, they published Adventures on the Planet of the Apes, which were “full-color adaptations of the iconic Planet of the Apes films.”

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Disney / 20th Century Studios are also working on a new Planet of the Apes movie, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, which is set to reach theatres on May 24, 2024.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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