Pod Meets World cast thought podcast would “ruin” Boy Meets World

Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong and Will Friedle were concerned that their Pod Meets World opinions would interfere with fans’ memories.

Pod Meets World

The Boy Meets World rewatch podcast Pod Meets World has proven to be immensely popular with those that grew up with the TGIF staple. But there was some skepticism prior to the first episode, with hosts Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong and Will Friedle showing concern that their behind-the-scenes stories might have an unintended consequence on viewers.

Danielle Fishel – who played Topanga Lawrence on Boy Meets World – recently told People that of the concerns, mainly that it could potentially skew fans’ memories of the show. “We were worried we might ruin the show…We don’t want our criticisms or our critiques or our experiences to in any way change what your opinion of the show is. They’re just our honest opinions, and we can’t do it if we’re not going to be honest.”

But Fishel has nothing to worry about on that end, as Pod Meets World – which launched last June – hasn’t only helped fans reconnect with the beloved series but has provided some juicy details behind the production. For one, Strong (who played Shawn Hunter) expressed disappointment in how series creator Michael Jacobs handled sex on the show. Meanwhile, cast member Trina McGee (who played Angela, Shawn’s longtime girlfriend) went into detail about how she was snubbed from the series finale. As far as Ben Savage goes, Cory Matthews himself has no part in Pod Meets World, with the cast agreeing that he “ghosted” them some point after the series ended.

On the purpose of Pod Meets World itself, Strong said, “Ultimately we settled on it as a sort of journey, rather than just watching the show and talking about how great it is, which we all agree, it is actually great. We wanted it to be more of a personal journey for us, and to just be honest.” Considering Boy Meets World is one of the great shows of ABC’s lineup of the era and the show has been consistent in its mission, certainly fans appreciate that honesty.

Do you listen to Pod Meets World? Have you found the episodes enhance or diminish your memories of Boy Meets World? Share your thoughts below.

Source: People

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