Trina McGee discusses Boy Meets World finale diss

Trina McGee, who played Angela Moore on the hit ABC series Boy Meets World, has opened up about her character–particularly how she wasn’t featured on the series finale.

On a recent episode of the podcast Pod Meets World–in which former Boy Meets World stars Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel and Will Friedle rewatch episodes of the beloved series–Trina McGee went into details surrounding her lack of involvement and Angela’s absence.

“I was told, in kind of a weird off-handed way by a very important person, that you guys all went to [showrunner] Michael Jacobs, and you said ‘We don’t want her in the last episode. She’s somehow taking our light.’ That was the gist of it.”

Friedle, who played dopey older brother Eric Matthews for the show’s run, denied Trina McGee’s history, to which McGee responded, “I believe you. I can tell by [the hosts’] reactions.”

Angela last appeared in the penultimate episode “Angela’s Ashes”, not turning up in the two-part finale, “Brave New World.” In “Angela’s Ashes”, Angela was leaving for Europe with her sergeant father, so it would make sense she would not be in the Boy Meets World finale. Trina McGee said her family believed Angela got a spotlight episode to keep her “distracted” so as not to focus on the finale.

Trina McGee’s Angela became a recurring character in season five before becoming a mainstay for the final two seasons of Boy Meets World. She did, however, appear in a season two episode of Girl Meets World. That episode also featured Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter and Blake Clark as his father, Chet.

What are your thoughts on Trina McGee’s recollections of the Boy Meets World situation? Should Angela have been written off in the penultimate episode or should she have been included in the series finale?

Source: Deadline

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