Poster and exclusive stills unveiled for werewolf biker movie Howlers

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Howlers Josh Ridgway Chad Michael Collins

Writer/director Josh Ridgway's HOWLERS is a film I have been looking forward to ever since it was first announced. Not only do I love the concept of werewolves on wheels, but Ridgway has made it all the more appealing by pitting his werewolves against a wild west gunslinger who drives a hot rod. This sounds like a movie made just for me.

Said to be reminiscent of a 1980s John Carpenter film, HOWLERS stars Chad Michael Collins as the 

mysterious monster hunter from the old west who returns from the grave to stop a bloodthirsty werewolf motorcycle gang from terrorizing a small town.

With the film expected to be released sometime in early 2018, Ridgway recently unveiled the first poster for HOWLERS. That can be seen below. Also featured in this article are some EXCLUSIVE stills that were provided by Collins.

Collins describes HOWLERS as a "blast of a film" and says it features more action than he's ever shot for any other movie, boasting fight sequences put together by stunt coordinator Freddie Poole and extensive shootouts. Saying it's the most action he's done is an impressive statement, since Collins is the star of the SNIPER action franchise. In fact, the latest SNIPER movie starring Collins, SNIPER: ULTIMATE KILL, is set to be released on October 3rd.

Watching Collins snipe villains in that will help pass the time until HOWLERS is released.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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